Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time For a Walk - SOLD

How Many Cups of Coffee Does It Take To Write a Song?
6x6 oil on panel
The first title that came to mind was, "How Many Cups of Coffee Does It Take To Write a Song? Then, "Song Unsung." Then, "Maybe Some Coffee Will Help." Then, "Time For a Walk." Whew. What would you have titled this painting?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Under Rosita's Bridge - SOLD

Under Rosita's Bridge
10x8 oil on canvas
Rosita's bridge in just a short walk from Susan's Gallery. It crosses the San Antonio River to the Arneson River Theater which is a popular performance stage for cultural dancing. The river boats are a fun and informative cruise on the San Antonio River through downtown.
Under Rosita's Bridge

Early Morning Riverwalk - SOLD

Early Morning Riverwalk
10x8 oil on canvas
Riverwalk San Antonio is a popular tourist destination. This painting is of the heart of the Riverwalk where you can cross the bridge and find all kinds of shops and restaurants on either side.
Early Morning Riverwalk - Framed

Saturday, July 10, 2010

To "The Blue" - NFS

To The Blue
8x10 oil on canvas

My Alpine, Arizona friend and I took some great long drives in the forests around where she lives. This painting is from a photo I took on our way to "The Blue," as the locals call it. It's a little town named Blue in the Apache Forest. It was a beautiful cloudy day and I loved the icy blue bushes along the side of the road. I tried to find out what the name of them was but couldn't find it in the "Plants of Arizona" book. If anyone knows, let me know!

The painting is for sale. If interested, send me an e-mail.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mezzo At Her Computer - NFS

Mezzo At Her Computer
6x6 oil on panel

I painted this before I left on my trip in early June while I was watching the gallery. The shiny places are where I just made some corrections and signed it. I'll take a better picture after it's dry and the rain has stopped outside.