Monday, December 9, 2013

Mile Marker 12, Iron Springs Rd. - SOLD

18 x 24 - oil
The light on the highway as it disappeared ahead was too yummy to pass up as I snapped some shots with my iPhone camera. I think I was able to paint an idea of clouds as they were dramatically streaking across that late afternoon sky.

Boulder Kiss - SOLD

8 x 10 - gouache on canvas
These granite boulders are on private land. I was thankful to be given permission to take photos there. This grouping sits at the top of a hill and always catches my eye when I'm able to visit this wonderful property.
I discovered gouache a couple of months ago and have enjoyed making friends with it. For those who are unsure about what it is, here is a link to Wiki's definition: Gouache.

Iron Springs Rd. Granite

16 x 20 - oil
The drive from Yarnell to Prescott Arizona has a variety of landscape elements. I am always happy when the large granite boulder formations start to appear the closer I get to Prescott. I've pulled over many times to take photos in different light. This particular formation is quite striking and sits a ways off the road.

Private Boulders

16 x 20 - oil
As I explored my neighborhood after the fire, I was able to see granite boulders I might possibly have never seen. These had a house in front of them that is no longer there. A new house is planned in the future, but for now, these private boulders are wonderful to see.