Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Clouds Over Prescott, AZ

14x11 inches - oil on canvas
It was 32 degrees, according to my car, as I reached Skyline Drive outside of Prescott to help some friends who were selling their long held retreat cabin with a view. There were small bits of snow on the ground and the clouds were putting on a spectacular show. Once again I enjoyed working with the paint using my pallet knife. Taking a photo of a pallet knife painting can be a bit tricky. How the sun hits the paint really changes the colors and the tiny shadows of the paint.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yarnell Hill Saguaro

8x10 oil on canvas

Yarnell Hill Saguaro - 2

8x10 oil on canvas

Saguaro's are other-worldly. As you climb Yarnell Hill on Hwy 89, and you reach a certain elevation, if you look quickly you can spot a few tall saguaros. This one was accompanied by a lovely shadow falling on a large granite boulder and all the wonderful early Fall colors.

Hwy 89 Up Yarnell Hill

10x8 inch - oil on canvas