Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yarnell Hill Saguaro - 2

8x10 oil on canvas

Saguaro's are other-worldly. As you climb Yarnell Hill on Hwy 89, and you reach a certain elevation, if you look quickly you can spot a few tall saguaros. This one was accompanied by a lovely shadow falling on a large granite boulder and all the wonderful early Fall colors.

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  1. The saguaro [Carnegiea gigantea] cactus are one of my favorite succulents visually, and Patty has captured the mystery and majesty of such a plant. Ordinarily, I’ve seen them while driving through Arizona in 1994 in large, imposing clumps, but seen alone, like Patty observed, you can begin to imagine the “story” that saguaro has to tell. Likely, that particular plant is over 50 years-old.

    What strikes me about Patty’s beautiful painting is the lonely feeling and strength that the composition invokes. Look at the large looming boulder that threatens to roll over the saguaro. Notice too that the outcropping of boulders create a diagonal line that slices through the saguaro. Metaphorically speaking, we can find the strength to stand tall and firm even during the toughest of times.

    This is another fine example of identifying with the subject. Patty has shown us that we’re not simply looking at a landscape, but that we’re looking at ourselves. Thank you, Patty, for such rich observations. -Jack (Austin, TX)