Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunny Afternoon on the SA River - SOLD

Sunny Afternoon on the San Antonio River
12x9 oil on panel

This is the second Riverwalk painting I've completed this week. My goal on this one was to finish in a day, stay loose with the brush strokes and enjoy the process and I accomplished all three.

Susan sold my 8x10 Stack of Whites at her gallery. Some folks from Michigan took it home with them. That felt good.

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  1. Patty I am totally amazed that you could finish one of these Riverwalk paintings in a day - there is so much detail in all of them.
    I see what you mean by looser on this one. Patty it is a great painting,delightful - way to go. These last 3 paintings are all great. Purple doors are wonderful, I can see why Susan loved them. You are born to paint! Can't wait to show these to John.