Friday, October 7, 2011

Canna Lily Colors

Canna Lily Colors
20x24 oil on canvas
In getting my house ready to sell I moved my easel and computer out of my master bedroom (that tells you a little too much about me) into the smallest bedroom in our Briardale house. I managed to only paint one small Slice of Life painting in that room. I did start this painting but brought it to the Nueva Street Gallery to finish. It dawned on me recently that we used that bedroom very little in the last eight years. Maybe it's not lined up so well with the creative forces that be. There are just some places I've been where I feel "plugged in" and buzzing with energy and creativity. Even though the Briardale house was a great place for me, my three children, their friends and a past relationship, I'm ready to venture out of my suburban life there. This will probably be the last painting created in that house. I'm ready life! Where shall I paint next?

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