Friday, October 26, 2012

Moon Phases

8x10 illustration created in Photoshop

I've become energized by some star gazing lately. As a little girl I learned to love the stars from my Dad who pointed out a few constellations and challenged me and my siblings to spot satellites. I've watched for those constellations throughout my life and love the feeling I get when I spot them. I've recently expanded my repertoire and can now identify quite a few constellations and name many major stars.

A friend called me recently and we chatted about the names of the moon phases. I've thought of doing an illustration of them for a long time, so, a few days ago I surrendered to the urge and happily did a rather messy drawing/acrylic of the moon phases. The next day I spent a day playing in Photoshop and created what I have posted here.

Do you recognize the constellation in the middle? Happy star gazing!


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  2. so waning is on the left and waxing is on the right...okay, There is this GREAT astronomy app on the IPAD and perhaps now on non-apple systems called Star Walk -- it will amaze you! John