Friday, October 26, 2012

Moon Phases

8x10 illustration created in Photoshop

I've become energized by some star gazing lately. As a little girl I learned to love the stars from my Dad who pointed out a few constellations and challenged me and my siblings to spot satellites. I've watched for those constellations throughout my life and love the feeling I get when I spot them. I've recently expanded my repertoire and can now identify quite a few constellations and name many major stars.

A friend called me recently and we chatted about the names of the moon phases. I've thought of doing an illustration of them for a long time, so, a few days ago I surrendered to the urge and happily did a rather messy drawing/acrylic of the moon phases. The next day I spent a day playing in Photoshop and created what I have posted here.

Do you recognize the constellation in the middle? Happy star gazing!


  1. As usual, Patty never fails to reference some aspect of nature that connects to our lives. Everyone is entitled to their opinions of course, but what struck me about the phases of the moon illustration (beautifully done, of course) is how we can relate to phases within our own lives and where we're at in our personal growth at any given time. It's obvious that what Patty is pointing out is just that, but think about how each and everyday we can see a similar pattern that we each repeat and hopefully learn from. Okay, that's just the way I see it in my life, but perhaps yours too? Thank you, Patty, for stoking the imagination. - Jack (Austin, TX)

    P.S. On July 20, 1969 I was a little boy glued to my father's AM radio in the family car - a 1968 Mercury Comet - listening attentively as Neil Armstrong spoke his infamous words, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." I've been a space geek ever since!

  2. so waning is on the left and waxing is on the right...okay, There is this GREAT astronomy app on the IPAD and perhaps now on non-apple systems called Star Walk -- it will amaze you! John