Friday, January 11, 2013

High Desert October

 18 x 24 inches - pastel

 For almost a year I've had the wonderful good fortune to live on a hill in Peeples Valley, Arizona. My dog Zig and I have hiked all over this hill, following donkey trails left by the six donkeys that lived here before we came. In October, walking south from the garden, I came upon this lovely small ravine that I had walked before. This time it was quite a different view with the cottonwood trees that grow beside Model Creek dressed in their bright yellow Fall colors, plus the many shades of blues and greens and the manzanitas adding a wonderful purple to the mix.

1 comment:

  1. This is another wonderful example of Patty’s use of subtle color work and leading lines. Notice the shaft of light that leads the eye from the bottom center to the approximate center to what is the most pleasing part of the composition. There is an apex shape formed.

    Here Patty is using “rules of thirds” (also known as the “Golden Mean”) as an excellent example of subject placement. But the surprise is that the subject are those beautiful purple manzanitas (Spanish diminutive word for “little apples”). You don’t notice them at first, but upon closer inspection, there they are. Simply beautiful.

    Patty understands and knows how to capture light. What’s extraordinary, however, is that Patty sees colors in the shadows as well as the white areas. Her paintings have an added dimension because of this. If I may say, there’s a “spiritual” quality to Patty’s work. That’s no surprise since some of the best light is in the American Southwest, a favorite of painters and photographers, alike. Thank you, Patty, for your wonderful work, as always.

    -Jack (Austin, TX)