Sunday, March 24, 2013

First Spring Daffodils

12x12 inches - oil on canvas

Just a week after a big snow, these daffodils were out reaching for the sun. I knew there would be many more so I picked them for a painting. Remember the scene in the movie Dr. Zhivago, when Spring came and the fields were full of daffodils? I love that scene!


  1. Patty's daffodil painting is exquisite. The use of red, an exciting color, and the natural yellow, a calming color, that daffodils are, is a wonderful counterpoint. I love that none of the major lines are at right angles to one another, and then there are those lovely green stalks that shoot up and balance the composition.

    Patty's mottling on the walls and floors (Saltillo tile) add a tactile dimension giving you a sense of time and place of early morning light in a home. The large yellow bloom is perfectly placed, and dominates the upper space in the frame while the clear jar anchors the bottom space. An excellent composition.

    I know that scene from Dr. Zhivago. It's a fantasy that Dr. Yuri Zhivago has, as played by Omar Sharif, as he traces his finger on a frozen window pane. In the scene daffodils have sprung up showing that the bitter winter has left.

    Yuri stands in a field of daffodils and walks in amazement of the beauty of Springtime. He looks closer at a large daffodil bloom, and it fades into the face of his beloved Lara that he misses as played by Julie Christie. Throughout the scene we hear a variation of "Lara's Theme."

    Knowing that scene adds a romantic quality to Patty's painting. It's a scene about hope and new beginnings, too.

    Wonderful work from Patty, as always.

    -Jack (Austin, TX)

  2. Love this bright sweet painting Patty - the shadow, the reds and yellows...ahhhhhh :)