Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Amazing Day

It's hard for me to let the day end. What an amazing day. Some days are just like that--packed full of "events that alter and illuminate our lives." Here's the low down.

It started with hours at the computer - I'm rebuilding my website. Late morning my daughter and I went to see the newly released movie, Julie & Julia. I so related to Julie as she began her blog and reached out into the world not knowing where her words and efforts would take her. A must see movie.

During the previews I dug in my purse and wrote down a quote from the new movie Fame, "All the things you want to change about yourself and keep secret, they're your power! It's who you are." I just love knowing and being reminded of that.

When I got home Susan (sister) called to let me know she posted a notice about my art and blog on her blog. She's got many wonderful fellow artists and fans that visited my blog today and left encouraging comments of which I am greatful. Thank you all sooooo much!

I dropped by Susan's to pick up paints and paintings and I locked my keys and purse in the car. Not 10 minutes later my friend Karen showed up and gave Stella and I a ride home where I found another key--barely an inconvenience at all.

Kayley and I were preparing to do another round of t-shirt silk screening this evening when I got a call from Marianne. All she said was, "Can I come over? I have something I want to show you."
Shadow Box
My dear friends Marianne and her husband John showed up 30 minutes later with a great surprise. Yes, the shadow box. John built me a shadow box to be able to do my daily paintings. It moves up and down and I'll be able to control the light and shadows. Thanks to Carol Marine, who posted a picture of the shadow box her husband built, John was able to use it as a reference. I'm so thrilled I can hardly stand it.
shadow box

So thanks to my daughter Stella, who got me out of the house today, and thanks to Karen who showed up at the perfect moment and gave Stella and I a ride home, and thanks to my sister Susan who included me on her blog, and thanks to all the folks who visited my blog today and especially those who left me encouraging comments, and thanks to Kayley, my artist friend who is spontaneous and fun, (we silk screened 30 t-shirts this evening!) and thanks to my friends Marianne and John who surprised me with a wonderful shadow box I would have never built myself, and thanks to Carol Marine who posted a picture of her shadow box, and thanks to the universe that continually spins my hopes and dreams into reality. What an amazing day.
Imagine The Impossible T-shirt


  1. Wowee, Patty! You've always been a superb manefestor, but I'd say you had one of those miraculous days that makes you really SEE it. Here's to the miracles all around us!

  2. Congratulations on your blog. It is super. Your paintings are a delight and I like this post, too. See you around.......