Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunny Winter Day - SOLD

Sunny Winter Day
5x7 inches on board
This painting was started at the Thursday Morning Painting Group here in Yarnell, AZ. It was my first time to attend. I've always told myself and others that I don't like to paint with people around. The last time I said it aloud I heard myself claiming something I no longer want to create in my life. I finished this painting the next day and I like it. I can see the difference of ones painted outside chasing the sun and this one where all the shadows stay put.


  1. Patty, this art work is simply amazing. It is beautiful and alive! Love it!

  2. Beautiful Patty, I concur with Sue, alive is a good word for it. Great shadows, love all the colors of course. And, I love your blogging Patty, what a treat to be able to get in on your thoughts as well as the painting itself.