Monday, February 13, 2012

Hwy 89 To Yarnell, AZ

Hwy 89 To Yarnell, AZ
24 x 30 inches oil on canvas
I've been painting, just not producing finished paintings, but, this one I am calling finished.

I had a vision of a version of this painting back in October 2011. After arriving in Yarnell, and seeing this great bush called "Desert Broom," it called out, "Paint me!" I just love seeing these bushes on the side of the road. People from around here call them weeds, but to me, it's one of the beauties of winter.

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  1. This painting has a unique composition in that the major elements splits the scene in half as if we're observing two worlds. On the right is the highway (man-made), and on the left is the natural world. Patty's use of light is beautiful, but her shadows are just as revealing. Her cloud work is spot on, as always. Wonderful, Patty!