Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunset Granite

Sunset Granite
30x24 inches oil on canvas

There is a ladder attached to the side of huge granite boulder that you climb to get to this spot. I didn't carry Ziggy (my little Rat Terrier dog) up the ladder but she managed to run around it until she found a way up. We had a great time taking photos up there and just sitting and looking out at the amazing granite boulder hills all around. The light just before sunset is amazing.


  1. This is beautiful Patty! Glad Ziggy made it to the party. Beloved canines are so resourceful.

  2. "Sunset Granite" is another wonderful example of Patty's exploration of light and composition. Twilight is a difficult time of day to capture. She has captured the moment when the light is minutes away from disappearing with the strongest portion of the day's light hitting a cacti pad or two.

    Her use of circles is bold. The granite boulders are large, imposing circles that dominate the scene, but the eye is gently led by the lines created with a horizontal ">" that playfully lead you to the smaller circles of the cactus which are nestled below in the rock bathed with evocative light. The splashes of red (a "hot" color) excites the senses with its promise of fiery comfort, but soon to disappear into the night.

    The overall impression is an ethereal sense of place, but strangely familiar. To be moved like this is a wonder.

    Bravo, Patty!